Mobile App – Video Editing

The challenge was to launch new mobile app for video editing by targeting content creators, building a global user base, and increasing user engagement and app opens.

The solution was a paid acquisition strategy across Facebook and Google, partnering with content creation and blogger communities, mapping user acquisition and experience to increase conversions, and establishing retention communications and tactics.

The result was over 100,000 app downloads in first few months.

dubdub made it easy to shoot, edit and share great video content. Content creators could add text, images and rights-free music to create brilliant videos and then share them on their social feeds and/or websites. All this entirely from their mobile phone.

dubdub really was 8-track, point and click, drag and drop, video editing in the palm of the creator’s hands.

The messaging was;

See it, shoot it and share it with dubdub. Entirely from your mobile phone.


In the moment, and on the fly, bring all your images and video into dubdub to start building great video content.


Edit and mix your images, text, music and video to create awesome 90 second content. It’s simple with dubdub.


Sharing video content into your favourite social channels happens within dubdub too. One button and it is in your feed.