Global marketing leader who builds

world-class digital relationships

by connecting:

• people with brands,

• consumers with consumers,

• sales people with customers.


Global marketing leader who builds world-class digital relationships by connecting: people with brands, consumers with consumers, sales people with customers.

VP of Sales and Operations at IronGate.Wine and Principal at

Gregg is a recognized thought leader in digital marketing: strategy, execution, and technology.

Accomplished in facilitating strategy sessions with leading global organizations.

Experienced in identifying and understanding the customer’s digital journey, footprint, and impact.

Delivering results by aligning all marketing activities from acquisition, through engagement, crowdsourcing, activation, and data analysis, to conversion.


Gregg’s worked with:


Hashtag Aggregated Social Content

Needs: Increase community engagement across multiple social channels. Moderation of user generated social content. Publish aggregate content on web sites and micro sites. 

Solution: A social hashtag and media aggregation platform for campaigns run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Outcome: Over half a million total entries, increased traffic and engagement on brand web sites, and significant cost savings by eliminating the outsourcing of technology and strategy.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Need: Capture staff knowledge. Demonstrate travel agent value. Capture customer experiences via user generated content.

Solution: Responsive, tactile, map-based user generated content platform. Video/photo tips with Google street view and Facebook commenting.

Outcome: Community rated UGC content used for product intelligence, campaign landing pages, and blogs. Behavioural data, and social data to identify trends and opportunities, segmentation, and personalization.

Social Content Management

Need: Platform to launch social campaigns for acquisition. Multiple users and administrators with varying degrees of technical skills.

Solution: SaaS based content management platform facilitating the collaborative design and launch of responsive social applications.

Outcome: 600 social applications, 300,000 triggered emails, 1,000,000 email opt-ins, and 2,000,000 sessions.

Youth UGC Campaign

Need: Position Flight Centre as a ‘cool’ brand with the youth travel segment. 

Solution: User generated content platform with viral components and mechanisms to facilitate reach. 

Outcome: 9,000 participants resulting in 100,000 YouTube views, 175,000 crowdsourced Google search results, and 1,000,000 page views in two months. Brand evangelists and a connected community. 6 hires.


From London to Singapore, San Francisco to Australia, and beyond; Gregg’s expertise, insights, honesty, and humour have educated and entertained audiences around the world.

From London to Singapore, San Francisco to Australia, and beyond; Gregg’s expertise, insights, honesty, and humour have educated and entertained audiences around the world.

Key Speaking Topics:

Key Speaking Topics:

It’s The End Of Social Media, As We Know It – A Changing Social Landscape

We don’t have a phone department anymore. We don’t have SMS, email, nor fax departments (okay, that last example dated me). So why do we still have Social Media departments?

Let’s look at why it’s time we recognize the value of leveraging Social Media across the entire organization; sales, marketing, PR, customer care, recruiting, training, legal …I can go on. For when an organization leverages Social Media across the organization, it gains an unfair advantage over its competition.

‘Either way his passengers and crew are ****ed’ - Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation

From brand slander to threats against employees. Volcanoes to explosive fashionistas. F-bombs to floods. Elephants to earthquakes. Social Media is one giant minefield, often of opportunity.

Let’s look at what we should respond to and when we should not bite. When is it ok to be cheeky and when do we need to double down on empathy? Should we prioritize people by (some imaginary) influence score? Is it ok to meet in real life and, conversely, what do we do when a detractor ‘threatens’ to ‘meet’ one of our employees in real life?

Social Selling – It’s Not Social Pitching

“Dear vendor, can we snuggle a bit, maybe buy me some flowers before you try to go for second base?” Yes, I tweeted that after the Nth time a vendor connected with me on LinkedIn, then immediately sent me a pitch InMail.

The opportunity to build a relationship before ‘the close’ is incredible. We’ve never been here before.

Let’s look at the huge opportunity we have to build real life relationships with our prospects, online, and how building those relationships can result in new referrals that we never expected.

Building Your Offline Community Online And Your Online Community Offline

The best laid digital strategy is one where you meet your customers, in real life. No, seriously. The flip side of that statement is that the best way to build your offline community is by facilitating an online experience they will remember and tell their friends about.

Let’s look at how creating amazing experiences connecting our customers with our brands and each other, both in real life and online, can create goodwill we never anticipated; how that goodwill can extend our message and grow our communities.


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