UGeTags – Social Hashtag, Content, and Media Aggregation

Needs: Increase community engagement across multiple social channels. Moderation of user generated social content. Publish aggregate content on web sites and micro sites.

Solution: A social hashtag and media aggregation platform for campaigns run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Outcome: Over half a million total entries, increased traffic and engagement on brand web sites, and significant cost savings by eliminating the outsourcing of technology and strategy.

Social hashtag aggregation and publishing platform developed in-house to support the global Marketing teams and local campaigns. The platforms monitors social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for all mentions of the campaign hashtag(s) and aggregates the content/media for moderation. The approved content can be published via Twitter Bootstrap grids, JSON feeds, or the API.

#EarlyBirdEurope campaign. Users submitted photos using the hashtag and also included a hashtag of the city where the photo was taken. UGeTags aggregated the content for display on the campaign landing page. UGeTags also aggregated the hashtagged cities to rate the top destinations.

UGeTags powering #EarlyBirdEurope

#TEDxSouthBank (Brisbane). Attendees tweeted a destination they either wanted to go to or had been to. UGeTags aggregated the locations and placed them on the interactive map and visitors could view the consolidated tweets by location. This enabled Flight Centre Australia to connect attendees with those who had visited and those who wanted to visit a particular destination.

UGeTags map based content

UGeTags tweet consolidation

Connecting people with UGeTags

UGeTags has been used at conferences to aggregate content across various social channels.

UGeTags for conferences

All content can be moderated before being published.

UGeTags content and entries

UGeTags content moderation

Full reporting of content including channel and entries.

UGeTags reporting

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