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Event And Conference Sponsorship – Best Travel Job Ever

Leveraging word of mouth via Twestival and Podcamp TO sponsorship to launch Best Travel Job Ever.

We recognized that to best leverage word of mouth and Social Media reach it was beneficial (and made us feel pretty darn good) for Best Travel Job Ever to support charity events and barcamp conferences such as Twestival Canada and PodCamp Toronto. This facilitated a face to face way to quickly spread the word about Best Trave Job Ever to the Social Media community.

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Josie Dye Guest Judge Promotion – Best Travel Job Ever

Guest judges were engaged for Best Travel Job Ever campaign to ensuring word of mouth success.

A key component in the promotion and success of Best Travel Job Ever was working with the guest judges for promotion and  word of mouth. In this example Josie Dye of 102.1 the edge and OhSoCosmo on CosmoTV posted a YouTube video encouraging her listeners and fans to enter the contest.

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My Social Media Marketing Manifesto – 11 Points To Live By

• loving your customer is a way of life,

• be where your customers are online and offline,

• never be passive with marketing activities,

• do 1000 little things that make people scratch their heads and talk about you,

• earn the right to pitch by first engaging, informing and entertaining,

• kill your detractors with love and never try to end the conversation,

• amplify the voice of your customer,

• crowdsource for evangelists, ideas, content and customer service,

• viral is not a strategy,

• don’t monetize Social Media but instead use Social Media to monetize your offering,

• and when it comes Social Media versus Word of Mouth, Social Media is one way to deliver superb Word of Mouth.