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Sharing Canadian Pride at Flight Centre Global Gathering in Macau

Sharing our Canadian pride at the Flight Centre Travel Group Global Gathering in Macau.

Let’s be honest, this post would probably be better filed under the category of Canada Proud. But for the sake of not adding another section to my blog I am going to post this under Travel and hey, the two instagrams below are from Macau and Brisbane.

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Camping Australia Style on Moreton Bay Island, Queensland

Cheers mate, enjoying a Motts Caesar with Sean Sutherland on Moreton Island off the Queensland coast.

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Fresh Herb Burgers Over The Campire At Killbear Provincial Park

Few things beat homemade herb burgers over a campfire in northern Ontario. Staycation  time at Killbear Provincial Park.

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Random Virgin Australia Sighting In Toronto?

Random? Virgin Australia inflight magazine article has a pic of Kelly and me  at Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto!

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End Of The Earth – Cape Town, South Africa

First time in Cape Town, South Africa and hanging with Eric Sakawsky – wow, what a beautiful place!

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Traveller – I Love My Job – I Love My Passport

I love my passport. I love my job. A complete humblebrag.

Ok, I get it. I travel a lot. I really have the best gig in the world and my passport shows it.

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Miami Hotel Looks Like A Scene From Dexter

My Miami hotel looks like a scene from Dexter!

I mean seriously, does this not look like a set from Dexter? A little bit creepy, a lot cool. Love the architecture here in Miami, and the food, and the people, and the drink, and, oh you get it. Miami is a place you have to visit at least once in your life; explore.

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Dinner In A Historic Singapore Hawker Building

Oh Singapore, how I love thee – dinner with the team at an historic hawker building.

Not my first time in Singapore and I doubt my last. I’ve been fortunate with my gig at Flight Centre Travel Group to experience the Formula One race (mind blowing) while on another visit celebrating the end of a successful year with three thousand of my co-workers while Fatboy Slim DJs our private full moon beach party.

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Visiting The Mouse In London, England – Disney

How did I get a pass to see the mouse? Facilitating a digital strategy discussion at Disney in London, England.

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Father Son Ski Road Trip Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, New York

Father/son roadtrip to Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, New York with Bryant.

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