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2010 Throwback – Flight Centre Fends Off Social Media Attacks

For #throwbackThursday I’m thinking of throwing it way back. How far back? So far back I had to go to the Way Back Machine.

I was doing some research for an upcoming speaking engagement and was looking for an original post about the way we handled a specific crisis. It was based on the time we dealt with a petition calling for Flight Centre to be held responsible for the woes of Thailand elephants. We faced it head on, opened the kimono, engaged everyone, made some changes, and mitigated the potential damage.

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1to1 Media Customer Champion Award

1to1 Media 2014 Customer Champions – honoured to be included.

So incredibly honoured to be selected as one of 1to1 Media’s 2014 Customer Champions. When you look at the amazing people and global companies represented in this category it humbles me and makes me so proud what our team at Flight Centre Travel Group are achieving.

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2010 Report – Flight Centre Top Australian Brand For Twitter Responses

Agency mag Ad News & BCM Partnership 2010 report Flight Centre top Australian brand responding on Twitter.

I thought this article had disappeared behind a pay as you play site; I’m glad to say this isn’t the case.

Let’s go back a few years to 2010 and we were a year (almost to the day) after launching the Social Media strategy at Flight Centre. AdNews picks up on a study done by agency BCM in Australia that analyzed tweets directed at top Australian brands over two weeks. Among the many findings, BCM found that Flight Centre topped the unweighted response score with an 80% response rate. Pretty proud moment I have to say.

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Inspired By A Tweet – Personal Online Reputation Management

“Never tweet anything u wouldn’t want on a billboard with ur company name on it.”

In this video I take another look at personal online reputation management and suggest the same rule can be applied.

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Online Reputation Management and Social Networks – Personal and Professional Lives Collide

This video about online reputation management scratches the surface of how online, personal and professional lives are converging and the challenges that may lie ahead. For example, does a teacher believe that because his Facebook profile is set to private, his students (past/present) have no access to the content and comments he posts online? What issue(s) could this present for the employee, the employer and/or the unions?

There needs to be a lot more dialogue on this topic.

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