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To Emoji Or Not To Emoji, That Is The Question

Thanks to my friend Jaime Stein, I think I realized that today I may have met my match when it comes to understanding and marketing to Millennials. I feel like it’s the ultimate smack down. You see, General Motors published a press release entirely in emoji for the 2016 Chevy Cruze. Yes. Emoji. All emoji; I don’t even know the emoji (emojis, emojum, emojiii?) for ‘all emoji’, because if I did, I’d paste it in right here.

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Marketing Magazine – Career Success Discussion

Honoured to join Marketing Magazine for a Career Boosters discussion.

Marketing Magazine asked me to share my career path and what has enabled me to have the Digital Marketing and Social Media role I have today with Flight Centre Travel Group. Funny thing, after reading the article my Dad said ‘well, this shows it’s not always about a formal education’. He was a Principal with the Toronto District School Board – you’ll understand after you read the full article.

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Boost Agents Top 20 Digital Marketing Experts From DX3

Honoured to be among Boost Agents Top20 DX3 2014 speakers to follow on Twitter.

Boost Agents put together their list of the 20 Digital Marketing Experts who spoke at DX3 2014. With the likes of Ron Tite, David Jones, and everyone else on this list, it’s an honour to be included with such great Marketers.

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Dx3 Q&A – Case For Social Media

Q&A with Dx3 Canada before my keynote – Case for Social Media; KPIs, ROI, Social CMS, recruiting and risk mitigation

I was honoured when Dx3 asked me to keynote kick off the Social Media stream. I mean, it’s Dx3! We did a quick Q&A session in advance of ‘The Case For Social’ session. Here’s a quick excerpt.

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Interview – Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association Conference

GTACC video interview about Social Media, customer service, marketing, mitigating risk, social data.

Here is a video clip from an interview I did at the Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association conference. We discuss Social Media’s impact on customer service and care, marketing initiatives, mitigating risk, and the potential of social data.

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Top 6 Announcement – Best Travel Job Ever

From 25 to 6 – we announce the Best Travel Job Ever Top 6 live from Henrys Camera Expo via uStream.

On May 15, 2010 we streamed the announcement of the Top 6 Best Travel Job Ever winners live from the Henry’s Photographic, Video, and Digital Imaging Show floor. We interviewed the Top 25 as voted by the public along with many of the judges.

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Contestant Support Videos Best Travel Job Ever contestant’s creative support videos.

Contestants for Best Travel Job Ever were encouraged to promote their entry in as many creative ways as possible. Soon we noticed many contestants were creating supplemental YouTube videos to promote and explain to their family and friends how to vote for them. Here’s the original post of consolidated videos from the Flight Centre Canada Travel Blog.

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Event And Conference Sponsorship – Best Travel Job Ever

Leveraging word of mouth via Twestival and Podcamp TO sponsorship to launch Best Travel Job Ever.

We recognized that to best leverage word of mouth and Social Media reach it was beneficial (and made us feel pretty darn good) for Best Travel Job Ever to support charity events and barcamp conferences such as Twestival Canada and PodCamp Toronto. This facilitated a face to face way to quickly spread the word about Best Trave Job Ever to the Social Media community.

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Josie Dye Guest Judge Promotion – Best Travel Job Ever

Guest judges were engaged for Best Travel Job Ever campaign to ensuring word of mouth success.

A key component in the promotion and success of Best Travel Job Ever was working with the guest judges for promotion and  word of mouth. In this example Josie Dye of 102.1 the edge and OhSoCosmo on CosmoTV posted a YouTube video encouraging her listeners and fans to enter the contest.

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Best Travel Job Ever Kickoff launch announcement and outcomes on Flight Centre Canada blog.

This blog originally posted on the Flight Centre Canada Travel Blog was used to kickoff the Best Travel Job Ever contest in Canada. The premise was simple; upload a video explaining why you deserved the Best Travel Job Ever, promote your entry to your friends, get friends to vote, win your share of $50,000 in prizes. There was a voting component and the voters were incentivized with prizes to return and vote daily. Prizes were provided by Flight Centre, Intrepid Travel, Air Canada, Henry’s Photo, and Roots Canada.

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