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2010 Throwback – Flight Centre Fends Off Social Media Attacks

For #throwbackThursday I’m thinking of throwing it way back. How far back? So far back I had to go to the Way Back Machine.

I was doing some research for an upcoming speaking engagement and was looking for an original post about the way we handled a specific crisis. It was based on the time we dealt with a petition calling for Flight Centre to be held responsible for the woes of Thailand elephants. We faced it head on, opened the kimono, engaged everyone, made some changes, and mitigated the potential damage.

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Sharing Canadian Pride at Flight Centre Global Gathering in Macau

Sharing our Canadian pride at the Flight Centre Travel Group Global Gathering in Macau.

Let’s be honest, this post would probably be better filed under the category of Canada Proud. But for the sake of not adding another section to my blog I am going to post this under Travel and hey, the two instagrams below are from Macau and Brisbane.

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On and Off The Beaten Path in the Islands of Greece

Tripping around the islands of Greece with Topdeck Travel; Santorini, Paros, and Mykonos.

Probably the best thing about a Topdeck tour is the great mix of organized outings and free time to explore on your own.

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Let’s Treat Everyone Like They Have An 80 Klout Score

A frank discussion on influence and who’s influential. Oh, and Klout too.

Can we have a conversation, just between us? I think it’s time we talk about that ‘elephant in the room’. You know, how big is yours versus how big mine is and how much action you got last night because of it. That’s right, Klout.

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Shoutlet’s Takeaways from the Corporate Social Media Summit

Corporate Social Media Summit from San Francisco wrap up from Shoutlet.

There were  bunch of great learning from this conference and I’d highly recommend attending next year’s conference. Shoutlet put together a few great examples from brands such as; Dell, KLM, Petco, Charles Schwab, and Airbnb. Here’s an excerpt about my presentation on how Flight Centre Travel Group used Social Media to mitigate risk and for crisis management.

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2010 Report – Flight Centre Top Australian Brand For Twitter Responses

Agency mag Ad News & BCM Partnership 2010 report Flight Centre top Australian brand responding on Twitter.

I thought this article had disappeared behind a pay as you play site; I’m glad to say this isn’t the case.

Let’s go back a few years to 2010 and we were a year (almost to the day) after launching the Social Media strategy at Flight Centre. AdNews picks up on a study done by agency BCM in Australia that analyzed tweets directed at top Australian brands over two weeks. Among the many findings, BCM found that Flight Centre topped the unweighted response score with an 80% response rate. Pretty proud moment I have to say.

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Social Media Applicants Asked To Apply Via Social Media – Travel Press

Article in Canadian Travel Press – Flight Centre’s recruiting via Social Media.

‘Jobseekers are being asked to submit LinkedIn, Blog and Twitter details rather than traditional resumes as part of an innovative recruitment program launched by Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT). The global travel company has outlined plans to capitalize on the growing interest in social media by recruiting fulltime specialists…’

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Movember Mondays On TechVibes – Canadian Tech Supporting Movember

My first Movember Mondays post on TecVibes.

‘I’m seated on my 6:45 Monday morning Porter flight waiting to take off to Newark. Typical start to my month right? Not really because there’s this strange fuzz on my upper lip. This is no typical Monday at all. It’s Day 1 of Movember!’

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Best Travel Job Ever Kickoff launch announcement and outcomes on Flight Centre Canada blog.

This blog originally posted on the Flight Centre Canada Travel Blog was used to kickoff the Best Travel Job Ever contest in Canada. The premise was simple; upload a video explaining why you deserved the Best Travel Job Ever, promote your entry to your friends, get friends to vote, win your share of $50,000 in prizes. There was a voting component and the voters were incentivized with prizes to return and vote daily. Prizes were provided by Flight Centre, Intrepid Travel, Air Canada, Henry’s Photo, and Roots Canada.

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Live uStream Flight Centre Travel Expo

Live uStream extends Flight Centre Canada’s Travel Expo to those who couldn’t attend.

The goal was to extend the excitement of the Flight Centre Travel Expos to those who were out of town and/or couldn’t make it. We leveraged uStream to stream live to the Fight Centre Canada Travel Blog. We interviewed special guests while leveraging Twitter to facilitate travel conversations and run contests and promotions.

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