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Whitepaper From CM1 2014 Toronto

CM1TO Community Management Conference whitepaper.

CM1 and @Dx3 put together a very detailed whitepaper from the CM1 Toronto 2014. Fantastic learnings around community and community management. They’ve broken it down by speaker.

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CM1 2014 – Storify Summary and Presentations

So many community learnings – Sheldon Levine’s Storify & CM1 TO 2014 presentations on CM1.

If you’re looking for a fantastic summary of all the tweets and community management content from CM1 check out Sheldon Levine’s storify.

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Collection Of CM1 Toronto 2014 Recaps

CM1 TO recaps via Boost Agents, FITC, Lauren Marinigh, Jason Cassidy.

I’ve linked out to a few great recaps from CM1 2014 in Toronto;

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Community Conversations And Participating Well After Launch

After Launch, Be Part of Your Community’s Conversations.

When recording the mind can wander and in today’s video I (unknowingly) pulled a bait and switch on the themes.
But the point is; when launching a product, company, or Web site if you focus solely on targeted ads, pay per click, press releases and blog posts you are only half way there.

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