Social Media Across The Organization For The Win And Win = Data

There’s a much bigger prize if Social Media is across the organization and it’s not a unicorn, it’s data.

2013 has come to an end and I have a lot to be thankful for; loving and supportive family and friends around the world, an amazing team that knocked it out of the park (again), a FCTG Management Team who continue to support ‘those Twitter voodoo magic folk’, a few more pages of stamps in my passport (along with the great memories), and the opportunity to speak at more great conferences around the world.  With 2014 ahead, I’d like to focus this post on my learnings over the last year and what I see on the horizon for Social Media and Digital Strategy at large

So, who’s ‘crushing it with Social Media’? I’ve been asked, and have asked many peers, ‘who’s doing an amazing job with Social Media across the organization?’ and the answer I keep hearing and the conclusion I come to is… not enough organizations are. You may think this is a provocative statement just to get people riled but know I’m basing this on the many conversations I’ve had at conferences and on my travels and here’s why. There are many brands who are doing an awesome job leveraging Social Media in various aspects of their digital, Marketing, SEO, branding, community, Customer Care, Product, user generated content, data, PR, internal communications, training, (I could go on, but you get the point) strategies. That said, I’ve yet to talk to anyone who can name a brand that is running on all cylinders when it comes to integrating Social Media across the organization.

So why do I believe this is the case? Because up to now most organizations have had Social Media sit primarily within one of their lines of business or the Social Media strategies driven by each individual business unit  (outsourced and/or insourced) have not been in consort.

Collectively we’ve proven the model and now’s the time to optimize. Why? Because the prize is much bigger than most would think. We can create the best experiences in the world, put out the best resonating content, convert all the referral traffic, increase the SEO value of our Web sites, and satisfy all the customer enquiries. In the end, I believe it will be the data behind Social Media that will drive the greatest value to our organizations, across our organizations; value that goes beyond what we currently see at the transactional level.

Not so small Social Media data. Is it a unicorn? I believe not.


Photo credit Jill Browne

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