Marketing Magazine – Career Success Discussion

Honoured to join Marketing Magazine for a Career Boosters discussion.

Marketing Magazine asked me to share my career path and what has enabled me to have the Digital Marketing and Social Media role I have today with Flight Centre Travel Group. Funny thing, after reading the article my Dad said ‘well, this shows it’s not always about a formal education’. He was a Principal with the Toronto District School Board – you’ll understand after you read the full article.

Here is a quick excerpt when asked about what occupations I was interested in when I was young;

‘I was the 10-year-old kid knocking door to door with the Regal catalogue (aging myself) selling to the neighbourhood housewives, or soliciting local businesses for products and prizes for Muscular Dystrophy fundraising carnivals (really aging myself!) I’d run out of my backyard, or making jewelry with my mom and selling it to my teachers and classmates in middle school.’

You can read the entire article here at Marketing Magazine.


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