Digital marketing strategies and campaigns that connect: people with brands, consumers with consumers, sales people with customers.


Crowdsourcing – Community Engagement

Needs: Increase community engagement across multiple social channels. Moderation of user generated social content. Publish aggregate content on web sites and micro sites. 

Solution: A social hashtag and media aggregation platform for campaigns run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Outcome: Over half a million total entries, increased traffic and engagement on brand web sites, and significant cost savings by eliminating the outsourcing of technology and strategy.

Knowledge Capture – Staff UGC

Need: Capture staff knowledge. Demonstrate travel agent value. Capture customer experiences via user generated content.

Solution: Responsive, tactile, map-based user generated content platform. Video/photo tips with Google street view and Facebook commenting.

Outcome: Community rated UGC content used for product intelligence, campaign landing pages, and blogs. Behavioural data, and social data to identify trends and opportunities, segmentation, and personalization.

Crisis Management

Situation: Protest and petition by animal activist group. Hundreds of Facebook posts and thousands of tweets in support of the petition.

Solution: Open letter posted to Facebook by EGM Global Marketing. Reply to every post and tweet. Face to face meeting with organizing group.

Outcome: Modifications to image policies. Satisfaction by organizing group to corporate position taken. Organizing group converted to brand friendlies. 

Campaign – User Generated Content

Need: Support acquisition of new URL Accelerate SEO value. Target Boomers.

Solution: Reverse engineer Best Travel Job Ever toward the boomer demographic. Photo based user generated content platform with viral components and mechanisms to facilitate reach. 

Outcome: Over one thousand entries and five thousand participants in three months. Brand evangelists and a connected community. 

TEDx – The Travel Connection

Needs: Create engagement among TEDx attendees. Ensure branding was front of mind with attendees.

Solution: Hashtag campaign where attendees tweeted a destination and whether they had been to or wanted to go. All results were placed on an interactive map.

Outcome: Brand connected attendees via tweets based on destination. High brand exposure and engagement levels.

Customer Service – Global Brands

Need: Ensure brand mentions were monitored around the clock. All urgent mentions were engaged by the teams online.

Solution: Implementation of Hootsuite and Radian6 globally across all brands. Ensuring Customer Service and Legal/Risk were involved.

Outcome: Globally coordinated customer service/concierge. Mitigated risk while having the ability to be agile during time of crisis. Recognized with a 1to1 Media Customer Award. 

Employee Advocacy

Situation: Encourage employees to share brand approved content to extend earned and viral reach.

Solution: In-house built platform that pulls content from branded blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Content is presented in a simple manner for employees to share to their various social audiences of friends, family, and customers.

Media Talent, Influencer, and Blogger Database

Need: Globally coordinate relationships and experiences with contracted media talent, influencers, and bloggers.

Solution: In-house built self-registration platform for curators who desired to work with the various FCTG brands. Backend admin for digital marketing team to search, engage, and provide internal feedback on curators.

Crisis Management – Natural Disasters

Situation: Coordinated communications during various natural disasters; Brisbane floods, Iceland volcano, and Christchurch earthquake. 

Solution: Leverage hub and spoke content strategy. Blog (posts) become central repository of information. Social channels post to blog.

Outcome: Partners pointing to blog as central repository thus increasing authority. Communities of customers created on brand channels to support and communicate with each other. Sharing content and cross-pollination of communities with EMS channels.


Need: Recruit global team of social media marketers. Create an engaging campaign. Generate media and influencer coverage.

Solution: One page form asking candidate for their blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and two additional URLs of their choice along with why we needed them, in 140 characters or less.

Outcome: Thousands of candidates. Coverage around the world including INC Magazine. Positioning of FCTG on the cutting edge of recruiting. Asked by Dept. of Ed, New South Wales to conduct a strategy session on the future of recruiting.

Reputation Management – Brand Slander

Situation: How does a brand deal with slanderous posts and/or posts where the commenter is using foul language?

Solution: Engage all mentions. Empathize (if warranted). Be humorous (when applicable). Deal with the situation. Take offline to resolve (if necessary). Follow up online.

Outcome: Negative posters turned into brand advocates; many delivering first level social customer service on behalf of the brand.

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