To Emoji Or Not To Emoji, That Is The Question

Thanks to my friend Jaime Stein, I think I realized that today I may have met my match when it comes to understanding and marketing to Millennials. I feel like it’s the ultimate smack down. You see, General Motors published a press release entirely in emoji for the 2016 Chevy Cruze. Yes. Emoji. All emoji; I don’t even know the emoji (emojis, emojum, emojiii?) for ‘all emoji’, because if I did, I’d paste it in right here.

Chevy Cruze emoji press releaseNow I’ve tried to read the release and while I can figure out that the numbers are dates, the hearts mean love (I think), and a few other lines, I’m pretty lost. But the good news is Chevy are going to release a decoder tomorrow for those of us who are, well, emoji-challenged.

Over on the book of face a few of us are discussing the merits of publishing a press release entirely in emoji. Some think it’s brilliant, others think it’s ridiculous. Some suggest it’s pandering to Millennials while alienating us Xers and boomers.

I’d like to think that if we look at it for what it is, a word of mouth stunt, it’s a bloody brilliant word of mouth stunt! It has us all talking and really, isn’t that the point of a traditional (???) press release? Well played GM and Chevy, well played.

Keen to know your thoughts. Is this the dawn of the new emoji press release future?


(doh) – (insert:work emoji)

Never mind.

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