Digital Marketing For (With) Brands – Travel Massive

I was invited to speak at Travel Massive in Toronto on the topic of digital marketing for brands. The key topics to cover were;

– Case studies and social media/marketing strategies
– What are “influencers”?
– How can brands measure ROI in the digital world
– What should brands look for in content creators
– How can you use digital content creators to amplify your brand message
– Should brands pay for content

After I looked at the attendees I thought we should change the topic from ‘Digital Marketing for Brands’ to include ‘With’ brands. There were as many content creators attending as there were Marketers and PR professionals. The night before the event I saw that Dave and Deb of The Planet D were in town and planning to attend. I had an epiphany; ask Dave and Deb if they’d join me for a panel(esque) discussion after the presentation. I was so excited when they accepted the invite.

The room was packed, the open mic was awesome, and the information sharing was amazing. Great night and thanks Cristina and the Travel Massive Toronto team for putting on a top notch event.

A summary of the night can be read on Travel Massive.

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