Passionate About What We Do – A Blooper Reel Blog Post

Full disclosure – this blog post did not go the way I had hoped… I repeat did not go the way I had hoped.
• I did not intend to almost fall over.
• I had no idea the sound quality was so bad.
• I did not mean for it to fall apart halfway through.
• I meant to say;
– ‘most inspired’ not ‘inspirational’
– you may question @GaryVee’s ‘language’ not ‘logic’
– jobs ‘throughout’ high school not ‘out of’.
But a little dog came along and created something that was way too funny not to post. All I can say is that I hope you find humour in today’s video; anything else should be considered a bonus.

My Social Media Marketing Manifesto – 11 Points To Live By

• loving your customer is a way of life,

• be where your customers are online and offline,

• never be passive with marketing activities,

• do 1000 little things that make people scratch their heads and talk about you,

• earn the right to pitch by first engaging, informing and entertaining,

• kill your detractors with love and never try to end the conversation,

• amplify the voice of your customer,

• crowdsource for evangelists, ideas, content and customer service,

• viral is not a strategy,

• don’t monetize Social Media but instead use Social Media to monetize your offering,

• and when it comes Social Media versus Word of Mouth, Social Media is one way to deliver superb Word of Mouth.