Making Friends at Travel Distribution Summit

Outsourcing your Social Media is like paying someone to sleep with your spouse.

To Insource Or Outsource Your Social Media Technology? EyeForTravel Article

To insource or outsource your Social Media strategy? That is the question.

‘In the past, cutting costs would be a primary reason to implement a new technology or outsource a business process to a technology supplier. Very often, however, costs would spiral once the supplier came onboard. It was for this reason that FlightCentre decided to build its own content management system, rather than using a firm like WildFire to do it for them, Gregg Tilston, global social media leader at FlightCentre, told EyeforTravel…’

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Don’t Say You Can’t KPI Social Media From The Weekly Eye

Don’t say you can’t KPI your Social Media strategy – eyefortravel’s Weekly Eye.

‘Among (Gregg’s) top tips are to:

1.      Optimise to maximise on the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

2.      Don’t say you can’t KPI (key performance indicator) social

3.      Report on that – so that your showing the marketing people with budgets

4.      Put spend against Facebook’

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Optimize, Optimize, Convert Social Analytics – Online Marketing Strategies For Travel Interview

Optimize, optimize, optimize, convert on Social Media – banish social analytics fears.

We did this interview in advance of the Online Marketing Strategies for Travel 2013 conference which was held in Miami, Florida. At this conference I presented “Banishing Your Fears Of Social Analytics’. I was so pleased to have the wonderful Susan Black moderate the session. I always value the time I get when speaking with Susan – she’s one smart person!

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Karim Kanji of XConnectTV And I Discuss Social Media

Karim Kanji and I talk Social Media strategy, metrics, security, influence.

I sit down with Karim Kanji of XConnectTV and thirdocean to talk Social Media. Topics we covered include;

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1to1 Media’s 6 Tips For Social Customer Service

Honoured to be included in this article.

Great article by 1to1 Media from the Social Media for Customer Service Summit. They focus on six tips to deliver social customer service;

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Social Media KPIs For Travel Marketers – EyeForTravel Interview

Set achievable and realistic KPIs for a Social Media strategy.

‘“KPIs need to be set first and then determine what activities/spend will achieve the KPIs,” says Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Flight Centre’

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Life Is About Creating Yourself

Thought of the day (not mine) in my hotel room at W Hotels of Chicago – Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

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Article In Travel Press – CITC 16th Annual Students-in-Travel Conference

Great speaking with ACTA Canada students leveraging Social Media to WOW their new employer.

I was honoured to be invited to speak at the CITC 16th Annual Students-in-Travel Conference on the topic of ‘How to leverage the Social Media and Technology Skills you already have, in order to WOW your new employer’.

Read More Interview; Business Travel Tips And Exploring Canada

Business travel tips and tricks interview with Where Canada.

‘Gregg Tilston is the Global Social Media Leader for the travel agency, Flight Centre. In overseeing the strategy for regional Social Media specialists (in countries such as Australia, South Africa and England), he is constantly on the go and plugged in.  In fact, he conducted this interview from Brisbane, Australia! We tapped into his life as a business traveller and his tips on exploring Canada.’

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