Movember 2014 Thank You(s)

Movember 2014’s a wrap. Thank you if you grew, supported, or put up.

If you grew, thank you. If you raised money, thank you. If you sponsored someone growing a mo, thank you. If you raised awareness, thank you. If you put up with someone growing a Mo, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Oh The Mo Is Mighty This Movember, Well It’s Getting There

2013 Movember mid-month Mo.

So the month of Movember is in full swing. It’s that month when men around the world grow a variety of Mo’s to support various causes including Prostate Cancer Canada and men’s mental health. As you can see my Mo is coming in along fine (ok, well maybe Kelly doesn’t think so).

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Movember And My Best Ned Flanders

Love Dan Levy’s post – Ned Flanders (me), Shannon Hunter, Casie Stewart, and Movember.

Here’s a great Movember Gala Party 2011 post by my friend Dan Levy.

‘I quickly found my friends Casie Stewart (on Twitter @casiestewart) and Shannon Hunter (on Twitter @Shananigans) who were judges. They told me were looking for people who fit the description of “Best Mo in Character” meaning the Mo had to be representing a character from popular culture. I immediately told them about my friend Gregg Tilston…’

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Movember Gala 2010 – Freddie Mercury

Evoking my inner Freddie Mercury for the Toronto Movember Gala.

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Movember Mondays On TechVibes – iStockphoto

Movember Mondays interview with iStockphoto on Tech Vibes.

‘To wrap up the month we head back across the country to Calgary to chat with the gang from and we also check back in with some of the previous Canadian tech teams we highlighted during Movember Mondays.’

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Movember Mondays On TechVibes – Radian6

Interviewing the Radian6 gang for Movember Mondays on Tech Vibes.

‘this week we travel across Canada to the cities of Fredericton, Saint John, and Halifax for this week’s installment of Movember Mondays. We hit up the offices of Radian6 to find out what Movember means to the gang and why they are raising funds for Prostate Cancer Canada.’

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Movember Mondays On TechVibes – Invoke And Hootsuite

Movember plus Hootsuite plus Invoke equals one great Movember Mondays discussion.

‘Ok, let me step off my soapbox and into the heads of Invoke. This is the amazing Vancouver dev team that brought us a tool few can live without, Hootsuite. Who doesn’t love  I was so excited when Grace Carter sent me a picture of sporting his Mo.’

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Movember Mondays On TechVibes – Freshbooks

Chat with Levi Cooperman & Darius Bashar from Freshbooks for Movember Mondays on Tech Vibes.

‘This week I have the pleasure of highlighting a team that is near and dear to my heart, Freshbooks. I had the opportunity to ask Levi Cooperman, Darius Bashar, and Casey McKinnon about their involvement in Movember and why supporting Prostate Cancer Canada is so important.’

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Movember Mondays On TechVibes – Canadian Tech Supporting Movember

My first Movember Mondays post on TecVibes.

‘I’m seated on my 6:45 Monday morning Porter flight waiting to take off to Newark. Typical start to my month right? Not really because there’s this strange fuzz on my upper lip. This is no typical Monday at all. It’s Day 1 of Movember!’

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Movember Toronto Gala 2009 – The 70s Couple

Kelly & I dressed as a 70s couple for Movember Toronto gala – bowchickawowwow.

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