Sean Sutherland taking a shot of Cynar at Carmine's in New York City
One Shot. Three Men. Half An Hour. What the ______ is Cynar?

Aug 21, 2014

Tripping around New York City with Sean Sutherland. We stopped at Carmines NYC for a Cynar. So, Sean Sutherland (aka @sutho) and I were tripping around New York City and we stumbled upon this place called Carmine’s. One of us (can’t remember who) noticed a bottle on the rail which looked like it had an […]

Gregg Tilston and Sean Sutherland enjoying a Caesar on the beach at Moreton Island, Australia
Camping Australia Style on Moreton Bay Island, Queensland

Jan 21, 2014

Cheers mate, enjoying a Motts Caesar with Sean Sutherland on Moreton Island off the Queensland coast.

Food vendors inside Singapore's historic hawker building
Dinner In A Historic Singapore Hawker Building

May 29, 2013

Oh Singapore, how I love thee – dinner with the team at an historic hawker building. Not my first time in Singapore and I doubt my last. I’ve been fortunate with my gig at Flight Centre Travel Group to experience the Formula One race (mind blowing) while on another visit celebrating the end of a […]


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