The Burger's Priest Magnum burger with bacon and blue cheese
Toronto’s The Burger’s Priest – Magnum

Apr 26, 2014

Burgers Priest Magnum with blue cheese goodness – that is all. Hungry for a burger in Toronto? Look no further than The Burger’s Priest. But before you go make sure you check out The Burger’s Priest’s secret menu. Oh and brush up on your bible trivia too (took me three attempts to access).

Gregg Tilston sitting by the ocean at a restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa
End Of The Earth – Cape Town, South Africa

Aug 17, 2013

First time in Cape Town, South Africa and hanging with Eric Sakawsky – wow, what a beautiful place!

View from my hotel balcony and it looks like a scene from Dexter.
Miami Hotel Looks Like A Scene From Dexter

Jun 01, 2013

My Miami hotel looks like a scene from Dexter! I mean seriously, does this not look like a set from Dexter? A little bit creepy, a lot cool. Love the architecture here in Miami, and the food, and the people, and the drink, and, oh you get it. Miami is a place you have to […]


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