One Shot. Three Men. Half An Hour. What the ______ is Cynar?

Tripping around New York City with Sean Sutherland. We stopped at Carmines NYC for a Cynar.

So, Sean Sutherland (aka @sutho) and I were tripping around New York City and we stumbled upon this place called Carmine’s. One of us (can’t remember who) noticed a bottle on the rail which looked like it had an artichoke on the label. Artichoke? The bartender informs us it’s called Cynar and of course we order one up (I repeat, one shot). I’d like to say we slammed that puppy down but truth be told it took probably a half an hour plus one stranger sitting beside us at the bar.

100% sure I’ve never shared a shot with a bud and a guy I’d never met previously in my life, but I can safely cross that off the bucket list now.

Ummmmmm Cynar (???) with @sutho. Wtf was that?

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