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Toronto’s The Burger’s Priest – Magnum

Burgers Priest Magnum with blue cheese goodness – that is all.

Hungry for a burger in Toronto? Look no further than The Burger’s Priest. But before you go make sure you check out The Burger’s Priest’s secret menu. Oh and brush up on your bible trivia too (took me three attempts to access).

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Random Virgin Australia Sighting In Toronto?

Random? Virgin Australia inflight magazine article has a pic of Kelly and me  at Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto!

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Movember And My Best Ned Flanders

Love Dan Levy’s post – Ned Flanders (me), Shannon Hunter, Casie Stewart, and Movember.

Here’s a great Movember Gala Party 2011 post by my friend Dan Levy.

‘I quickly found my friends Casie Stewart (on Twitter @casiestewart) and Shannon Hunter (on Twitter @Shananigans) who were judges. They told me were looking for people who fit the description of “Best Mo in Character” meaning the Mo had to be representing a character from popular culture. I immediately told them about my friend Gregg Tilston…’

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Toronto Cuisine – Fast Counter Style Eats

My thoughts about Toronto Cuisine – Fast Counter Style Eats from Flight Centre Canada Travel Blog.

‘The other day I found myself sitting in the Flight Centre bat cave looking down at my grumbling stomach (sorry for the visual) and thinking ‘Boy, I’m hungry and nothing can satisfy this belly like a good ole’ roti! One of my favourite things about traveling is finding great fast eats (not fast food); walk up, place your order, grab a seat, and wait for that yummy goodness. I then thought, wouldn’t it be a neat idea to write a blog post and share three of my preferred quick lunch spots in Toronto, Canada.’

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