‘his lively speeches are full of memorable anecdotes, tweetable-statistics and punchlines the audience keeps talking about long after the session‘

Shashank Nigam, CEO, SimpliFlying

‘delivering an insightful, informative and incredibly well received presentation‘

Lavan Jeyarupalingam, Global Conference Director, EyeForTravel

‘you can be assured the advice will be solid, straightforward and honest…and very funny’

Andrew Gillespie, Assistant Director, Reservations Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Past and Upcoming speaking engagements, facilitated discussions, guest lectures, and industry panels

Marketing Strategy Panel – Industry
George Brown College – November 10, 2015, Toronto

Digital Marketing For (With) Brands – Speaker and Facilitator
Travel Massive – June 24, 2015, Toronto

Social Data and Moving to Owned Channels – Speaker
Online Marketing Strategies – June 2, 3, 2015, Miami

Developing the Emerging 21st Century Talent Pool – Speaker
Dynamic Customer-Centric Strategies – April 13, 14, 15, 2015, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

DX3, Coffee With A Guru – March 12, 2015, Toronto

The Future Of Digital With Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite – Moderator
Flight Centre Travel Group’s Global Digital Conference – February 25, 2015, Brisbane

Outside the Box II – Industry Panelist
George Brown College – February 9, 2015, Toronto

Expert Series – Industry
Smart Analytics North America – January, 2014, New York

Monkey Toast – Guest
January, 2015, Toronto

Gen X: Digital Parenting – The First Hi-Tech Parents – Panelist
ARCompany – December, 2014

Why Flight Centre Travel Group Built Their Own Social Content Management System – Speaker
Corporate Social Media Summit 2014 – September, 2014, San Francisco

Facilitated Discussion – Social Media Strategy
Porter Airlines – September 2014

The Entrepreneurship Portfolio Keynote – How to Use Social Media for Marketing – Speaker
Economic Planning Board of Ontario – June, 2014, Toronto

Getting Socially Smart in 2014 – How to Leverage Social Media Data – Speaker
Online Marketing Strategies For Travel 2014 – June, 2014, Miami

Guest Lecturer – Social Media
George Brown College, Marketing Program – Continuing Education, May, 2014

Community Management – Bricks and Mortar Style – Speaker
CM1 2014 – May, 2014, Glenn Gould Studio, CBC Building, Toronto

Creating the Optimal Social Media Culture – Staffing, Resources, Budget – Speaker
Harness Social Media Data to More Intelligently Engage Customers and Improve the Experience – Moderator
Social Media and Mobile Strategies For Travel 2014 – March, 2014, San Francisco

Social and Platforms stream keynote – The Case For Social – Speaker
DX3 Canada 2014 – March, 2014, Toronto

Facilitated Discussion – Social Media Strategy
Carmax – December 2013

Leave Social Media for Customer Support – Speaker
Making Sense of Customer Data – Moderator
Corporate Social Media Summit – November, 2013, San Francisco

Guest Lecturer – Social Media
Schulich School of Business, MBA Program – November 2013

Social Media To The Next Level – Speaker
Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association – November, 2013

Gauging the Impact of your Social Media Customer Service – Speaker
Social Media for Customer Service Summit – October, 2013, New York City

Facilitated Discussion – Social Media Strategy
Disney Corporation, EMEA – June 2013, London

Carve Out Your Internal Social Media Strategy and Stay Ahead of Your Competitors – Speaker
On-line Marketing Strategies for Travel 2013: Eye for Travel – June, 2013, Coconut Grove, Florida

Banish your Fear of Social Media Analytics II – Speaker
Travel Distribution Summit Asia: Eye for Travel – May, 2013, Singapore

How to Use Social Media to Mitigate Negative Sentiment an Respond to Crisis – Speaker
Social Media for Customer Service Summit: Useful Social Media – October,2012, San Francisco

Social Media Engagement: How to Build Real Relationships with your Travel Brands – Speaker
Travel Marketing Conference: Association of Travel Marketing Executives – June, 2012, Chicago

Getting to Grips with Social Media: How to Manage It In-House – Speaker
Travel Distribution Summit Europe: Eye for Travel – April, 2012. London

Social Media and Customer Service for Crisis Communications – Speaker
Social Media Strategies for Travel 2012: Eye for Travel – March 2012, San Francisco

How to Leverage your Social Media and Technology Skills to WOW Your New Employer – Speaker
Canadian Institute of Travel Consultants; Student Conference – November, 2011, Toronto

Social Media for Crisis Management – Speaker
Travel Distribution Summit North America: Eye for Travel – September, 2011, Las Vegas

Facilitated Discussion – Selling Social Media to the Boss
Social Media Conference: Canadian Marketing Association – June, 2011, Toronto

Guest Lecturer – Integrating Social Media into the Classroom
Educator Series: Canadian Institute of Travel Consultants – May, 2011, Toronto

Managing Multiple Personalities Online – Speaker
Toronto Travel Massive – March, 2011

Facilitated Discussion – Social Media for Students and Educators
Department of Education New South Whales – January, 2011, Sydney

Facilitated Discussion – Considerations for Social Media and Distance Learning
Scotiabank, International Learning – October, 2010, Toronto

Outsourcing your Social Media is like Paying Someone to Sleep with your Spouse: Understanding the Pros and Cons of the “Social Media Agency” – Speaker
Travel Distribution Summit North America: Eye for Travel – September, 2010, Chicago


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