Sharing Canadian Pride at Flight Centre Global Gathering in Macau

Sharing our Canadian pride at the Flight Centre Travel Group Global Gathering in Macau.

Let’s be honest, this post would probably be better filed under the category of Canada Proud. But for the sake of not adding another section to my blog I am going to post this under Travel and hey, the two instagrams below are from Macau and Brisbane.

So here’s the back story – Flight Centre Travel Group’s Global Gathering happened last month in Macau. Each year our countries try to outdo each other with patriotism. This year (someone – will find out and update this post) came up with the brilliant idea of tying Canadian flags to the end of hockey sticks and wave them high in the air with Canuck pride while singing (really screaming) Oh Canada.

At the end of the night we had people from around the globe ask if they could take a hockey stick home with them. Really, how are you going to get a hockey stick in your luggage home from Hong Kong, China? Well, I get off the plane in Brisbane and while waiting for baggage in security I saw one stick and flag, then two, then many more. I can’t tell you how much Canadian pride filled my heart to see something so important to Canadians be shared around the world. I often mule things back and forth on my travels like Motts Clamato to Oz for Caesars and Berocca home to Canada but you don’t get more Canadian than the maple leaf and hockey.

Yes we marched in hockey sticks and flags in arms. #ggmacau

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