PhoCusWright Announcing My New Global Social Media Role

PhocusWright announces my new global role, and my forever debt to Sean Sutherland.

First point I need to make is from the moment this article went live I realized I would owe Sean Sutherland (aka Sutho) forever, I mean forever ever, forever ever, ever. So, I show up in Las Vegas for FCL Global Gathering 2010, was invited into the Management Meetings, and Sutho turns to me and says ‘Mate, interesting article’. I had no idea what he was talking about. He hands me his phone and there’s it is. An article on PhoCusWright announcing I had a new role in the company.

Let me take you back a month in time. Sutho asked me to look at the various Social Media strategies in each of our countries and make a recommendation of how we move forward as an organization. Great opportunity right? Hells yes! So in one a conversation with my friend Graham Robertson, who at the time had his own travel industry blog and wrote for TNooz, I told him how excited I was with the opportunity. He asked if he could ask me a few questions for his blog, ‘sure, what harm could be done’.

Short story long – PhoCusWright picks it up, syndicated across the web, and there I am in Las Vegas with the article sitting on every FCL Executive’s phone before Sutho had the opportunity to properly announce things.

Here’sĀ entire article onĀ

Writing this post has felt very cathartic, though I still owe Sutho.

I will always owe Graham for his support over the years and the above is all on me, Graham was doing the amazing things he always does.

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