Look Ma, I’m A Guest on Monkey Toast Improv – Gut Busting Laughs

Monkey Toast improv – Ron Tite invited Courage Crusade and me to join as his guests.

Monkey Toast players, Ron Tite, and guestsTo say Kelly and I are huge fans of Monkey Toast improv would be an understatement. Our friends Warren and Remi introduced us to Monkey Toast, and host Ron Tite, a couple years back and we were hooked the first show we attended.

What is Monkey Toast you ask? It’s a night of ‘stomach hurting the next day’ laughs where Ron interviews celebrity guests (irony in 3, 2…) and the Monkey Toast players improvise scenes based on the chat. By the way, the Monkey Toast players are some of the best improv comics/artists around; Second City and Bad Dog alumni. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ron interview celebrity guests and friends Evelyn Hannon (@Journeywoman) and Scott Stratten (@UnMarketing) along with others such as Andrew Coyne and Mark Tewksbury.

Fast forward to last week and I received an email from Ron asking if I’d like to be one of his (irony alert ‘far from celebrity’) guests on MMonkey Toast good nightonkey Toast at their new digs, The Social Capital Theatre. I thought about it for about .000000001 of a second and yelled out at the top of my lungs, ‘hells yes!’ It was rush hour, I was on the subway, bit embarrassing.

The house was packed full of family, friends, and new friends and we had a blast. The Monkey Toast players were made up of; Lisa Merchant (Train 48), Kerry Griffin (Second City), Jan Caruana (The Bad Dog Theatre), Paul Constable (Second City), Jim Annan (Second City), and Leslie Seiler (Second City). Big shout out to Billy Anderson of Courage Crusade who shared the guest duties with me, and he rocked it.

Here’s video proof thanks to Warren.

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