Douglas Marketing Group DX3 2014 Takeaways

Douglas Marketing Group’s takeaways from DX3 2014 honoured to make the cut.

Sebastian Agosta of Douglas Marketing Group put together his key takeaways from DX3 2014 and I am honoured to make the list. Love that he highlighted the slide I borrowed from the Hootsuite gang highlighting the value and benefits Social Media delivers to each business unit inside and organization.

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Boost Agents Top 20 Digital Marketing Experts From DX3

Honoured to be among Boost Agents Top20 DX3 2014 speakers to follow on Twitter.

Boost Agents put together their list of the 20 Digital Marketing Experts who spoke at DX3 2014. With the likes of Ron Tite, David Jones, and everyone else on this list, it’s an honour to be included with such great Marketers.

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Techvibes List Of Reasons To Attend Dx3 Digital Conference

Look Ma, Techvibes listed me as a Dx3 Canada highlight.

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Shoutlet’s Takeaways from the Corporate Social Media Summit

Corporate Social Media Summit from San Francisco wrap up from Shoutlet.

There were  bunch of great learning from this conference and I’d highly recommend attending next year’s conference. Shoutlet put together a few great examples from brands such as; Dell, KLM, Petco, Charles Schwab, and Airbnb. Here’s an excerpt about my presentation on how Flight Centre Travel Group used Social Media to mitigate risk and for crisis management.

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Online Marketing Strategies For Travel Miami

Opening video of my social data analytics presentation at eyefortravel’s Online Marketing Strategies in Travel 2013 from Miami.

The Online Marketing Strategies for Travel conference in Miami is full of amazing presenters and insights. This conference is a must if you have to whittle down the events to attend. Here is the opening couple minutes from my presentation that was moderated by the always awesome Susan Black.

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Travel Market Report Interview – Wild West Of Social Media

The wild, wild west of Social Media – Andrew Hickey and I are interviewed in this Travel Market Report.

Here’s a great interview I did with Andrew Sheivachman of Travel Market Report. Little did I know that Andrew also interviewed the always insightful Andrew Hickey of G Adventures. In this article Andrew, Andrew (confusing, I know), and I discuss the topic of managing Social Media for large travel organizations and how travel agents can leverage Social Media to build their book of business.

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Social Media And Mobile Report From EyeForTravel

Does social search have legs? We discuss in eyefortravel’s where Social Media andmobile are heading.

“We are consolidating our pages and places on the assumption that social search has a future…” Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Flight Centre.

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EyeforTravel’s Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2013

Here’s the wrap up video from EyeForTravel’s Travel Distribution Summit Asia I spoke at in Singapore, May 2013. I presented on how to manage and build out a Social Media strategy inside a large organization.

This conference was fantastic as I had many conversations and sat in on many sessions that dealt with the challenges unique to the Asia market. The keynotes were fantastic; Shashank Nigam from Simpliflying was his usual entertaining and enlightening self and the panel which included Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn was full of great insights.

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Speaker – Social Media Strategy at Flight Centre Travel Group

Talking Social Media at eyefortravel’s Travel Distribution Summit Europe; engagement, recruiting, measurement.

Excerpts from my Eye for Travel’s Travel Distribution Summit Europe 2012 presentation in London. The topic of how Flight Centre Travel Group manages its Social Media strategy in-house. Topics discussed include; engagement, recruiting a Social Media team, working with other business units, Social Media channels, Hootsuite, measurement, and key performance indicators.

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To Insource Or Outsource Your Social Media Technology? EyeForTravel Article

To insource or outsource your Social Media strategy? That is the question.

‘In the past, cutting costs would be a primary reason to implement a new technology or outsource a business process to a technology supplier. Very often, however, costs would spiral once the supplier came onboard. It was for this reason that FlightCentre decided to build its own content management system, rather than using a firm like WildFire to do it for them, Gregg Tilston, global social media leader at FlightCentre, told EyeforTravel…’

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