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Karim Kanji of XConnectTV And I Discuss Social Media

Karim Kanji and I talk Social Media strategy, metrics, security, influence.

I sit down with Karim Kanji of XConnectTV and thirdocean to talk Social Media. Topics we covered include;

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1to1 Media’s 6 Tips For Social Customer Service

Honoured to be included in this article.

Great article by 1to1 Media from the Social Media for Customer Service Summit. They focus on six tips to deliver social customer service;

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Social Media KPIs For Travel Marketers – EyeForTravel Interview

Set achievable and realistic KPIs for a Social Media strategy.

‘“KPIs need to be set first and then determine what activities/spend will achieve the KPIs,” says Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Flight Centre’

Read More Interview; Business Travel Tips And Exploring Canada

Business travel tips and tricks interview with Where Canada.

‘Gregg Tilston is the Global Social Media Leader for the travel agency, Flight Centre. In overseeing the strategy for regional Social Media specialists (in countries such as Australia, South Africa and England), he is constantly on the go and plugged in.  In fact, he conducted this interview from Brisbane, Australia! We tapped into his life as a business traveller and his tips on exploring Canada.’

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Inc. Magazine Interview – How To Leverage A Social Media Recruiting Strategy

INC Magazine interview on leveraging Social Media for recruiting.

In this article from Inc. Magazine I was interviewed on how we leveraged Social Media as a recruit strategy to onboard the Fight Centre’s Social Media team.

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2010 Report – Flight Centre Top Australian Brand For Twitter Responses

Agency mag Ad News & BCM Partnership 2010 report Flight Centre top Australian brand responding on Twitter.

I thought this article had disappeared behind a pay as you play site; I’m glad to say this isn’t the case.

Let’s go back a few years to 2010 and we were a year (almost to the day) after launching the Social Media strategy at Flight Centre. AdNews picks up on a study done by agency BCM in Australia that analyzed tweets directed at top Australian brands over two weeks. Among the many findings, BCM found that Flight Centre topped the unweighted response score with an 80% response rate. Pretty proud moment I have to say.

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Social Media Applicants Asked To Apply Via Social Media – Travel Press

Article in Canadian Travel Press – Flight Centre’s recruiting via Social Media.

‘Jobseekers are being asked to submit LinkedIn, Blog and Twitter details rather than traditional resumes as part of an innovative recruitment program launched by Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT). The global travel company has outlined plans to capitalize on the growing interest in social media by recruiting fulltime specialists…’

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Social Media Hub and Spoke and Implementation – Hraba Hospitality Consulting Interview

A short chat with Michael Hraba turned into an hour, plus, Social Media discussion and this interview.

Here’s an interview I did with Michael Hraba of Hraba Hospitality Consulting. I think Michael and I talked on the phone for close to two hours sharing war stories; challenges and successes. Michael did a fantastic job of bringing that conversation down to a concise article on Social Media Hub and Spoke and Social Implementation.

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PhoCusWright Announcing My New Global Social Media Role

PhocusWright announces my new global role, and my forever debt to Sean Sutherland.

First point I need to make is from the moment this article went live I realized I would owe Sean Sutherland (aka Sutho) forever, I mean forever ever, forever ever, ever. So, I show up in Las Vegas for FCL Global Gathering 2010, was invited into the Management Meetings, and Sutho turns to me and says ‘Mate, interesting article’. I had no idea what he was talking about. He hands me his phone and there’s it is. An article on PhoCusWright announcing I had a new role in the company.

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Talking Social Media Hub And Spoke Strategy With CT Moore

CT Moore and me talking Social Media hub and spoke  at Pod Camp Toronto.

Here’s a great conversation I had with CT Moore at PodCamp Toronto regarding Flight Centre’s Social Media Hub and Spoke strategy. We discuss setting up a blog (or a Web site) as the central hub and the social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and others as the spokes that host content, facilitate conversations and promotion of content, and the creation of a bunch of inbound links driving traffic and Google juice.

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