Amsterdam Brewery Secret And Grill Time BBQ

Celebrating Fathers Day with Kelly, Andy from Grilltime, & an Amsterdam beer secret.

So here’s a secret that shouldn’t be a secret!!! It seems our friends over at Amsterdam Brewery feel the price we pay in The Beer Store is way too high. That said, they can’t sell it for less than the published prices available, wait for it, wait for it, in the Beer Store. So they sell a 2-5 (Canucks call a case of 24 a 2-4 so 25 would be, oh, never mind) for $31.95. $31.95! That’s $8 less than the cost of a 2-4 (see what I did there?).

While in the Amsterdam Brewery neighbourhood, check out my bud Andy (in the Instagram below with Kelly) over at Grill Time for some of the best cuts of meats (and sides) in the city. Also, grab a delicious sandwich that Andy or one of his team will cook up on the grill while you wait.

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